Now more choices. All traceable, transparent, and certifiably sustainable.

It started with one simple idea: to make Repreve one of the most earth-friendly fabric ingredients in the world. It took us years to develop our proprietary process. And now we continue to expand our recycled product offering to provide our customers with an extensive array of sustainable solutions. This is our story so far...
See the chart below for Repreve filament fibers.

Recycled Performance Fibers

Since the start, Repreve has been a product of evolution. Repreve has evolved from a recycled filament polyester fiber to a family of recycled synthetic fibers. And our family keeps growing. Some Repreve recycled fibers are available with performance features such as flame retardancy (FR), moisture wicking, and stretch. Our Repreve fibers are also available with color technology, including solution and package dyed products.

Repreve With Moisture Wicking Technology

Permanent moisture management performance leaves the wearer cool, dry, and comfortable.

Repreve With Stretch Technology

A family of recycled fibers with varying levels of stretch, for comfort and performance.

Repreve With UV Protection Technology

Provides permanent sun protection against harmful UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays.
** Specific functional properties are available upon request. Products containing functional and/or performance additives contain a minimum of 95% recycled content.

Repreve Flame Retardant*

A recycled fiber with flame retardant technology. Repreve with flame retardant (FR) technology utilizes proven FR chemistry—phosphorus. The phosphorus is inherent within that fiber so it’s durably sustainable. And because Repreve FR can end up in a variety of fabric constructions, we only certify the level of phosphorus within the fiber. Of course, we can always verify the recycled content.

* All fibers sold as flame resistant or retardant (FR) are warranted only to contain no less than 2000 parts per million phosphorus. Unifi makes no performance claims of flame retardancy or flame resistance based upon any standard, whether governmental, industry or otherwise. Unifi specifically disclaims any such performance claims. All purchasers of FR yarns must sign the Unifi DISCLAIMER AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT form before purchasing any FR yarns.

Repreve With Color Technology

Solution Dyed. Coloration during the extrusion process locks in rich, vibrant colors and eliminates the need for further fabric dyeing, helping to conserve water.

Package Dyed. Coloration exhausted into yarn when immersed in a dye bath, creating long-lasting, durable colors.
Better For The Planet
Repreve recycled yarn offsets the need to use new crude oil.
Making The News
Repreve is getting the attention of the trade and popular press.
Who Makes Repreve
Repreve is made by a U.S.-based company, Unifi, Inc., a global leader in innovative textile solutions.