Repreve is simply made better. And we’re letting the world know. You can easily enhance your brand's products and packaging by integrating the Repreve brand message into your product labeling. And your marketing program.

Would your brand or product like to participate in marketing Repreve? Once your product has been certified, we'd love to work with you. Take a look at the program outlined below and get in touch as soon as you can.

It’s What’s In It

Once your product has been certified, our consumer-focused marketing program will support and complement your marketing messages. And strengthen your brand's connection with consumers.

Elements of the program include:

Brand Advertising. Repreve has invested in an aggressive consumer advertising program to build consumer confidence in and awareness of Repreve. We’re leading off by sponsoring ESPN’s X Games Aspen 2013, featuring digital advertising, TV, radio, and social media. To reach a mass audience with our environmental message. And to help you sell more products with Repreve.

We Certify Repreve Products Hang Tag. A clean, simple hang tag, consistent with our “green” image (and yours) helps consumers identify products with Repreve in them.

Consumer Web Site. Here, consumers learn more about Repreve recycled—why it’s different, how it’s made, and where to find it, with an extensive product directory featuring brands that use Repreve.

Repreve Gives Back. Repreve allows your consumers to take part in our give-back program with a simple promise: We give back. You choose. The Repreve Gives Back page on our web site invites consumers to interact with the brand online by helping Repreve divide up its yearly donation to eco-conscious causes.

Leading Consumers To Repreve

We’re helping our customers get the message out: Repreve is the recycled ingredient that makes products eco-friendly. Along with a national marketing campaign targeted directly to consumers, we list brands that use Repreve on our web site, and feature selected products made with Repreve. Please note, due to our ever-growing customer base, we won’t be able to include all products made with Repreve.

The Repreve Xtreme Factor.

As proud recycling partner of Winter X Games, we got the word out about Repreve and plastic bottle recycling. See how we got people excited.

Better For The Planet
Repreve recycled yarn offsets the need to use new crude oil.
Making The News
Repreve is getting the attention of the trade and popular press.
Who Makes Repreve
Repreve is made by a U.S.-based company, Unifi, Inc., a global leader in innovative textile solutions.