What are you doing with your
fabric waste? Let’s cut out millions of pounds of it. Together.
At our state-of-the-art Repreve Recycling Center, we’ve expanded
the process for making Repreve. We’ve engineered a process to recycle a variety of materials from different waste streams, to create a new Repreve
Takeback fiber that includes recycled fabric content.
And like all Repreve fibers, it’s traceable, transparent,
and certifiably sustainable.

Moving The Cutting Edge—Again

Until now, textile waste has typically been down-cycled or put into the landfill. The Textile Takeback program gives fabrics a second chance by recycling them back into a new Repreve product:
Repreve Takeback fiber.

Join Us On The Journey

When you buy Repreve now, you’re creating the potential for us to work together toward more sustainable solutions within your product line.

We’re looking for qualified Repreve customers to join our sustainable journey by participating in the Repreve Textile Takeback Program. You’ll be asked to undergo an initial approval process to become further qualified as a participant in the program. This will help develop a process that fits everybody’s needs—ensuring that the resulting fiber is made with the same quality and integrity you’ve come to expect from Repreve.

A New World of Possibilities

We’re helping the industry avoid the voids. And stop scrapping the scraps. Repreve is finding new ways to reduce textile fabric waste throughout the supply chain. Soon, a used napkin, a stained tablecloth, or a worn graduation gown can be reborn into something wonderful. It’s time to step up and show the world that we’re entered a new era of environmental responsibility. Not just by recycling—but by designing and manufacturing textiles so they can be more easily recycled into a second life.
Better For The Planet
Repreve recycled yarn offsets the need to use new crude oil.
Making The News
Repreve is getting the attention of the trade and popular press.
Who Makes Repreve
Repreve is made by a U.S.-based company, Unifi, Inc., a global leader in innovative textile solutions.