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A quick view of Repreve and its benefits.
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A more detailed presentation of Repreve.
Contract And Hospitality Designers’ Brochure
Introducing Repreve for interior designers.
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An overview of our state-of-the-art textile recycling program.
Repreve Takeback

Repreve is gaining popularity as a consumer brand. This is your chance to brand your products with Repreve and enhance your eco-friendly message.
Repreve Takeback

Now, it's possible to reclaim polyester-based fabrics from Repreve customers and recycle them back into the authentic recycled fiber of choice—Repreve Takeback fiber.
U trust™

We do everything we can to protect what Repreve stands for. From any point in the supply chain, we can test your products to verify Repreve is what’s in it.

Need ideas? Log in to the Fabric Library to research the latest textiles being made with Repreve, create a swatch book, and apply for Repreve fabric certification with Unifi.

For developing a fabric or garment, Repreve offers a wide range of recycled fibers to meet your needs. We offer filament synthetic fibers and polyester staple fiber. It's important to know that some Repreve products are available with performance properties.
Better For The Planet
Repreve recycled yarn offsets the need to use new crude oil.
Making The News
Repreve is getting the attention of the trade and popular press.
Who Makes Repreve
Repreve is made by a U.S.-based company, Unifi, Inc., a global leader in innovative textile solutions.